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It doesn’t seem to have made it’s way onto any of the big lists this year, but this is the wedding I wish I could have attended in 2011. While I was grimacing at Devil’s Cove over Labor Day weekend, fashion and political royalty legitimized each other at the wedding of Lauren Bush and David Lauren (son of my favorite designer, Ralph Lauren.) Oh sure, we know old Ralph would’ve preferred a Kennedy bride for his son, but then they probably couldn’t have gotten away with suggesting “black-tie with a western twist” attire for the 200-odd guests out at the Double RL. Oh, Ralph. This is why I love you.

They say he approaches his work like he’s directing a movie or telling a story - that’s probably why he’s my favorite designer. There’s nothing ironic about the world of Ralph Lauren. It’s just pure romance. Vogue didn’t give us much outside of these three photos, but just the image of the bride crossing the field in a simple open wagon is a little movie in itself. I can almost hear this playing. (Thank you, Amazingly Talented Family.)